Art Curation & Production Design

The Museum of Color

The Museum of Color was a community-driven, interactive art exhibition curated and launched by the WOC research collective The Color Complex in March of 2020. As an initiative that focuses on mitigating the negative effects of colorism on a global scale, TCC was awarded $25k from the President’s Award for Global Learning by UT which financed research over colorism at the University of Ghana in the summer of 2019.

The exhibit provides patrons with a less academic, more familiar avenue for deeply understanding colorism and identifying its presence in their own lives

As the director for art curation and production design, I held focus in the organization of artist submissions and pieces, cultivation of museum layout and walkthrough, and the execution of the exhibit. Alongside our team of entirely UT students, we were able to create and promote this exhibit in less than one month with 1.6k+ interested on Facebook and 600+ attendees.

In addition, I also submitted my own personal piece to the museum entitled “Easier”. You can view below.

Exhibition Group Director: Rebecca Chen
Art Curation & Production Director: Kiana Fernandez
Creative Director: Henry Youtt
Opening Night Special Operations: Matty Barker
Outreach Lead: Madison Cooper
Brand Ambassador: Chelsea Daniel 

Case Study Video: Kiana Fernandez