Post #1: Nothing

Throughout the summer, I have asked many questions. There is one I always tend to sneak in. It’s something I am genuinely curious about. I often get the same advice, except for once.

If your younger self was put in the same exact position I have been put in right now, graduating in the midst of a pandemic, what would you tell them?

Some said to take every opportunity thrown at them. Others told me they’d tell them to do what I’m doing now: reaching out to be people, having conversations, asking questions, etc. At my fellowship at Anomaly, Creative Director Dojo Johnson said one thing: Nothing.C

He told me the way his life turned out is a reflection of all of the choices he has made. Every choice, no matter how wrong it may have felt at the time, was the right one. I take this advice within me. As this summer has often felt like a long, twisted Spring break - I have been able to gain skills a regular summer would have never brought me. The power in being flexible, speaking to people despite time zone, overcoming things initially thought for myself. There is nothing I would change.

Post #2: Beyond Title

I have always thought I would become an Art Director when it came from someone else’s lips - when it would be bright and shiny on an offer letter.

This summer, I have realized I already have this power within myself. It doesn’t come with a salary or employment benefits, but it comes with confidence in myself and my skills. Acknowledgment from others comes with acknowledgment from myself first.