Visual Poetry

Visual poetry is a term I coined to describe a collection of images that elicits particular feelings of nostalgia when combined together.

I began making poems as a fun way to reminisce and create dreamy visuals of the things I love most in life: the way the light shines at dawn, my friends and family, meals I don’t want to forget, etc. Created during the beginning of the pandemic, it was a way to reflect on the tenderness of memory.

At the beginning of April, I began making visual poems to anyone who wanted one. I could either use photos from their Instagram, photos they sent me, or photos from my own imagery stash. They could also give me a theme of the poem. I was overwhelmed with response: so many reached out saying they wanted their own.

For a week in June, 100% of proceeds for Visual Poems went to Mutual Aid ATX - an organization that collected donations for the ATX Bail Fund, medical aid, protest supplies as well as other Black Lives Matter Initiatives. I was able to raise $1000+ in total.

Here are some that I have made. If you’d like a poem yourself, order one here.